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Cutting it by Compton

Cutting it.

'Compton Hair' has been cutting hair for 7 years, since Zoltan Vargyai, the Creative Director, established the salon. Zoltan brought to London over ten years of experience along with varied ideas, styles and techniques, from Hungary, Italy, Spain and France. The Salon has evolved uniquely.

'Cutting techniques and hair types'

We cater for all hair types and with a wide range of product knowledge and our creative and experienced staff, haling from all over the world we are confident we will be able to achieve the look you desire.

'Mixing training and broad techniques'

Our stylists, colourists, and technicians come from all over the world, New Zealand, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Ireland and of course the UK. They teach each other their techniques and help each other, as team does. We have an extensive training programme for our up-and-coming stylists of the future, and for our senior stylist to. You are never too old to learn and in the Fashion industry you must keep learning to keep up with the times. We do not have an academy, as we small salon, so we are using and combine other academies and techniques such as Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy, L'Oreal Academy and many more. As well he has its own library of books, videotapes and DVDs collected from all over the world.

'Our consultation process'

We advise all clients to have a consultation before making their appointment. Consultations are free of charge. This will enable the technician to see you, the client, as you are. Consultations also allow our technician to see if there are any scalp problems, allergies or anything that could prevent us from going ahead with your service. It also gives you, the client, and a chance to ask our technician any questions you may have. Consultations for styling and colouring are not compulsory but we would recommend them. Consultations only take 15 minutes and no appointment is necessary although we do recommend it.

'How we do it'

A good way to find out what you may be looking for is in magazines, on the television, the internet, the girl in your office, it doesn't matter were it comes from. Just remember that if you want it try and have a picture for your technician. If you don't, don't worry we have a wide range of styling and colour magazines and shade charts, this just give the technician a better understanding of what you are looking for. Communication is the key. When you first come to our salon we will offer a wide range of beverages, have consultation and make your appointment.

When you come back for your appointment we will be able to provide the service you require with no delays and in an efficient manner. If at any time you are unhappy with any service we provide for you please do not hesitate in telling our staff. We are here to help and our clients are our number one priority.

After your service the technician will advice you on home care products, also how to style your hair at home and show how to get the look you have when leaving the salon.

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